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SportsDen is a podcast for the Furry Basketball Association that presents a single game from the FBA season as a live broadcast. The games are simulated in a NBA 2k game from the 2K Sports franchise.

Upcoming Episodes

  • 2021 FBA Finals



FBA Finals 2021

2019-2020 Season

FBA Finals 2020

2018-2019 Season

FBA Finals 2019

2017-2018 Season

FBA Finals 2018

2016-2017 Season

2015-2016 Season

~ Denotes game run on older version


SportsDen run by multiple contributors behind the scenes setting up and running the games, along with the multiple commentators providing game coverage. For the 2016 and 2017 FBA Season games were run on 2K Sports' NBA 2K16, PC Edition, unless otherwise noted.

Marcus Baylor (XenosBlade)
Ryan Eastman (FadedForest)
Jack Kanter (Wendingo)
Patrick Suarez (StevieMaxwell)
Christopher Whalen (Rourkie)
Willy Walker and Matt Lewis (ItsaMadWorld)
Cedric O'Toole (BigCed)
Ronan Shields (Gabriel-Fawkes)
Jeramiah Asenta (Jwolfman)
Andy Peltz (Eaite)
Scott Masterson (MW)
Wes Kerry (BryanShadowwolf)
Donovan Ritter (Kit)
T. Matt Latrans (Buck Hopper)


Art by Ada