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FSN or Furry Sports News is a monthly/bi-monthly podcast that covers the happenings around the Furry Sport Universe in such leagues as the FBA, UFFL and FAFL in a more light-hearted and comedic tone in the style of PTI, World of Sport and The Footy Show (AFL).

Join Wes Kerry (Bryan Shadowolf) along with Tyler Colt (Jack Knight), Charles Bergeron (MartineauQC) & their many guests as they discuss all the news and stories across the Furry Sports Universe in the only way that they can... In a Light-Hearted and not at all serious way.

If you're looking for serious takes, long discussions with coaches about the future of their club and frank & serious discussions about huge issue... You've come to the wrong place. However, If you want a fun podcast that covers what is going in the Furry Sports Universe with these four goofballs & their special guests, We have the show for you!

Current Hosts

Wes Kerry (Bryan Shadowolf): From Melbourne, Australia. Wes is a Western Red Kangaroo who has been rising through the ranks of Sports Media in Australia and is now the Host and Main Play-by-Play Commentator for FAFL Grandstand. Wes started this podcast to provide not only a more light-hearted approach to sport based on some of the shows Wes watched as a kid compared to some of the more serious takes on sport but to also provide some different takes and opinions on topics from Players, Sportscasters, Superfans and people who just want to chat about what is going on in the wide world of sport.

Fun Facts: Wes is a die-hard Melbourne Hammerheads supporter in the FAFL and is also the only person to appear on every single FSN Episode so far.

Tyler Colt (Jack Knight):

Charles Bergeron (Martineau):

Zane Kermode (TheBigKaz):

Former Hosts

James Witherspoon (Foxx):


Episode 1 (September 21st, 2017):

The First Ever Episode of FSN.

Join Wes Kerry (Bryan Shadowolf) along with Tyler Colt (Jack Knight) and James Witherspoon (Foxx) as they discuss the following topics.

- The 2017 FAFL Grand Final Preview

- The Damien Bartlett/Jackie Knight/Carrice Kenton Love Triangle

- The 2017 FBA Draft Review

- The 2017 UFFL Draft Review

and much more on this jam-packed debut episode of FSN.

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9BuKOGz0bieeC1Za0JEMnNtRjQ/view?usp=sharing

Episode 2 (October 17th, 2017):

James Witherspoon is unable to join us this episode due to him mourning the 3rd Anniversary of the Death of Basketball Prospect, Pork Sandwich but Wes Kerry (Bryan Shadowolf) and Tyler Colt (Jack Knight) are joined by Texas Lone Stars GM, Hector Lewis (Foxx) as they cover the following topics on this jam-packed second episode of FSN.

- The 2017 FAFL Grand Final

- The Joint Training Session between the Texas Lone Stars and the Texas Ramblers

- The 2017 UFFL Free Agency

- The 2017 FBA Free Agency and much more.

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9BuKOGz0biec0wwSGphd1RKaWs/view?usp=sharing

Episode 3 (November 10th, 2017):

Tyler Colt has become the 2nd host in 2 Shows who is unable to join us this episode due to him marrying his love but Wes Kerry (Bryan Shadowolf) is joined by Texas Ramblers GM, Jack Knight (umm... Jack Knight) and TFSN's Charles Bergeron (MartineauQC) to preview the 2017 UFFL Season while James Witherspoon (Foxx) joins in to give his thoughts later on in this special third episode of FSN.

Topics Covered:

- First Teams announced in new FFBL League.

- The Tennessee Moonshiners having an International Pre-Season

- The 2017 UFFL Season Preview

Join us next time where Wes Kerry and his Vacant Bathroom will be the only people left on the show! XD

Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=13t8J9LbaYnVK6gpkJ8mVBMrQ6I77oSyI

Episode 4 (December 3rd, 2017):

Tyler Colt is still not back and James Witherspoon has had a falling out with the Management and will not be on this episode but don't worry, Wes Kerry (Bryan Shadowolf) is joined by Texas Lone Stars GM, Hector Lewis (Foxx) and for the second episode in a row TFSN's Charles Bergeron (Guest MartineauQC) to cover the following topics in this fourth episode of FSN.

Topics Covered:

- Texas trade WR Kova Lewdko and a 2019 First Round Pick for Baltimore Ponies for WR John Gradkowski and a 2018 Second Round Pick.

- Two New FAFL Coaches.

- A Favorite Son of the Orange Miners calls it a day.

- Montreal fire their Offensive Coordinator

- The Start of the UFFL Season

- The Start of the FBA Season

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kFE7Cl6oaZuCPSfCdiVFV9tmHOODAK0d/view?usp=sharing

Episode 5 (January 23rd, 2018):

A Christmas Hiatus keeps the show from doing a big End of Year wrap-up, Tyler Colt (Jack Knight) is Back from his long Wedding and Honeymoon, James Witherspoon (Foxx) been wondering the streets bumping into FBA people we haven't heard from in a while and decides to be late to the show, Charles Bergeron (Martinaeu) has become a full-time cast member and has Wes Kerry (Bryan Shadowolf) doomed the podcast to a lawsuit and another hiatus????

Find out in the 2018 Premiere of FSN!

Topics Covered:

- The 2017 FAFL Expansion Draft and the needs of every other team coming out of it.

- UFFL Trade Deadline Movements

- UFFL Week 11 Recap

- UFFL Mid-Season Overview

- FBA All-Star Break Preview

- Ownership Controversy in Baltimore

- James Interviews: Albert Jon Middendorff of the Arizona Whips (Special Guest: MuddyPaws)

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Gq81LkuTXqtsDJH8BB4dukDs0xCX_RI4/view?usp=sharing

Episode 6 (February 11th, 2018):

FSN gets slapped with a cease and desist and Charles Bergeron & James Witherspoon are nowhere to be found but Wes Kerry (Bryan Shadowolf) and Tyler Colt (Jack Knight) are joined by Hat-trick guest, Texas Lone Stars GM Hector Lewis to cover the following topics in this edition of FSN.

Topics Covered:

- Trent Westerlyn gives FSN a Cease and Desist Letter.

- IFBA may be holding another World Tournament in the Summer.

- The 2017/18 FAFL Free Agency Period

- The UFFL Run to the Playoffs

- 2018 FBA All-Star Weekend Preview

- and the Yesina Selas/Adam Tevela incident.

Also, Stay Tuned to the End for a bonus! ;)

Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1oTsHe7fKdtonzk09Az9MWHpJU1O0hC_u

Episode 7 (March 6th, 2018):

FSN is getting ready for a big FurBowl party and you're all invited but before then, We need to get through all the current news before we head to Sunny California for the FSN Pre-FurBowl Spectacular and Wes Kerry (Bryan Shadowolf) and Charles Bergeron (Martineau) are joined by Montreal Quaterback, Tyron Appleby to cover the following topics in this edition of FSN.

Topics Covered:

- Tyler Colt out with flu.

- Hector Hart becomes a father

- The Baltimore Spirts new stadium plans

- Grand Rapids part ways with Bobby Verde

- 2018 FAFL Draft Recap

- 2018 UFFL Playoffs Preview

- 2018 FBA All-Star Weekend Controversies

- Wes' time at the FBL Slam Dunk Contest

- and much more

Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1_ogCN887d7YWOpgMLBQ0nIHL7eweIiZ1

Episode 8 (March 31st, 2018):

We are finally here! It's the biggest party of the year! It's FSN's Pre-FurBowl Special!!!!! Join Wes Kerry (Bryan Shadowolf), James Witherspoon (Foxx) & Charles Bergeron (Martineau) along with special guests, Former UFFL Commentator Matt Lewis (MadWorld) and Former Las Vegas Bandits CB, Coby Carson (Kelvin Hailey) as they discuss the big game in their own special way.

Topics Covered:

- What has been going on in Ontario, California in the week leading up to the FurBowl?

- Where has Matt Lewis been?

- Why has Coby been so quiet over the last 12 months and why does it relate to MMA?

- Wes gives Coby his utter distain.

- A Big Musical Act!*

- A preview of the Big Game between Chicago and Easton.

- and much more

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/19nRUCNZvzfIxpUCrcz8XHmV-Tcpr692i/view?usp=sharing

Episode 9 (April 25th, 2018):

You'd think the show after the big FurBowl show with huge guests and a Fennec Fox with a Huge Ego would be easier but Wes Kerry (Bryan Shadowolf), Charles Bergeron (Martineau) and Tyler Colt (Jack Knight) struggle through a technical difficultly laden show with special guests, Melbourne Coach, William Kembria (Kenku) and FAFL Grandstand Commentator, Dav Patin (Groo Kangaroo) for five minutes in the original recording to cover the following topics in this edition of FSN.

Topics Covered:

- The 2017/18 UFFL MVP Awards

- Adam Tevela comes clean about child allegations

- The 2019 Rebrand of the Hobart Wolves

- The Reintroduction of the FAFL Tribunal

- Recap of the Pre-Season and the First Two Rounds of the 2018 FAFL Season.

- A Post-Mortem of the 2017/18 UFFL Season.

- The Trent Westerlyn Court Decision and much more.

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gOIeTaT_lxnpoDlQ5FzVs-aQcvNHrUCL/view?usp=sharing

Episode 10 (June 3rd, 2018):

After a hectic Episode 9, Wes Kerry (Bryan Shadowolf), Charles Bergeron (Martineau) and James Witherspoon (Foxx) are joined by two special guests, UFFL Free Agent, Kova Lewdko (Kova) and FBA Star, Lance Wildfyre (Rourkie) to cover the following topics in this milestone edition of FSN.

Topics Covered:

- Indoor Football QB, Dominic Romero is announced as Portland Roses Coach.

- Joe Bowers steps down from roles in the UFFL.

- FBA Team Sale Madness 2018!

- The Brisbane Brumbies setting the FAFL on fire.

- The 2018 UFFL Expansion Draft

- The 2018 FBA Playoffs and much more.

Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1M52-3UwpbwuriHsHUr7NUwnvXZWYmmPq

Episode 11 (July 15th, 2018):

After the milestone Episode 10, FSN has a quick by their standards episode where Wes Kerry (Bryan Shadowolf) and Charles Bergeron (Martineau) try to handle a phone line going down with Special Guest, Shane Rios (Played by Kova) on it along with a huge debate between Tyler Colt (Jack Knight) and Producer Gregory Hinesberg (Foxx) about Tyler's course language. See how they fare in this entertaining episode of FSN.

Topics Covered:

- The 2018 Furry World Cup starts in Russia

- The 2018 FAFL State of Origin

- The Start of UFFL Free Agency

- The FBA Season Awards

- A 2018 FBA Finals Preview that is now coming out long after the finals have happened and much more.

Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1wwBtZX4xFid2VQjwBO0pCrW3iIU7BVOT

Episode 12 (August 20th, 2018):

After phone troubles in Episode 11, Wes Kerry (Bryan Shadowolf) and Charles Bergeron (Martineau) are joined by Zanye Kermode (Special Guest: Kassius Waterson) where they are left asking the following questions...

How bad is Alaskan Internet?, How bad are Sports Streaming Services in Australia?, Will Byakko kick 100 goals for the season?, Is Wes' secret dream to be an announcer for a Late Night Talk Show?, Where's Producer Gregory Hinesberg? and how much will we be fined when he gets back?

Find out in this crazy, out-of-this furry world episode of FSN!

Topics Covered:

- The Plymouth Taproots are bought by the OSesame Group.

- The Miami Tropics kick Joe Bowers to the curb.

- The Final of the 2018 Furry World Cup in Russia.

- The 2018 FAFL Finals Picture.

- The Favorites for the C.J Willing Trophy.

- UFFL Free Agency Signings and Draftee Report

- FBA Free Agency Re-Negotiations

Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Z_TfU5i2hhSn4viFeuJCmErRGiiZ6Fif

Episode 13 (October 17th, 2018):

After Episode 12, Charles is out sick, Tyler is nowhere to be found and James is stuck in Las Vegas. So Wes has to improvise...

Join Wes, Alaskan Sports Analyst Zayne Kermode (Special Guest KassiusWaterson for the second episode in a row), Dakota Superfan, Dakota Bruce White (Played by Special Guest Boomerang Badger) and the latest player to join the Grand Rapids Dragons, Kova Lewdko (Played by J-Fu) as they try to keep it together in this very special episode of FSN.

Topics Covered:

- Nina Lime's retirement.

- The Gold Coast Dragons finally win their first ever FAFL Premiership.

- Rocco McManus wins the 2018 C.J. Willing Trophy.

- The 2018 UFFL Draft

- The 2018 FBA Draft

- and much more

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BCQVy9IGG3QH8IwZcgfn_8ZeikhuxORb/view

Episode 14 (January 18th, 2019):

Finally, After a break thanks to the budget being blown trying to put on a 1st Anniversary Show. FSN is back for Season 2! Join our three hosts in Wes Kerry, Tyler Colt and Charles Bergeron along with Special Guest, "Dakota" Bruce White (Special Guest: BoomerangBadger) as they have to catch up on everything that has happened since the last episode in October 2018 while also explaining the following, Why was Wes Kerry hosting Saturday Night Chooklotto? Why is the UFFL seemingly bulking up and starting to get pudgier? and Why is there always an infidelity story on every show?

Topics Covered:

- Scoonie Barrett reveals that he had a child prior to his current relationship.

- Quebec City, The New Sports City?

- The FFBL will soon reveal big news about the competition.

- Kyle Shadowolf becomes the highest payed player in the FAFL.

- The Geelong Generals might be playing at The Oval in London in 2019.

- The 2018/19 FAFL Free Agency Period.

- UFFL Week 9 Results and Week 10 Preview

- Who can stop the Texas Ramblers?

- and much more

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1x8LtRLekc_0L_sB9tTexoZ7Ex9m_hkRf/view?usp=sharing