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HeroBear! Center of attention, handing out HeroBear stuffies to kids in the courtside seating many of whom being patients from Seattle's children's hospital...his usual heroic antics. After hundreds of plushies handed out, HeroBear took to center court...

"Remember kids...even heroes have heroes! I know I sure do..." pointing to the players' tunnel. "In fact...It's about time you met one of them..." lights going up brightly in said tunnel as a shadow came into view. "Super Lupo? If you would..."

Soon enough...wheeling out of the tunnel came a new hero...Super Lupo in a Summit #1 jersey, wheeling out a certain beaded lizard. He had on a jersey from the Summit as well adorned with the number 3...the last name LaNocha on the back. He seemed very emotional.

Super Lupo took the mic "Jayden LaNocha...A certain wolf told me about you...how you're why she plays. But...I think it's better she tells you..." Soon enough on the jumbotron a video of Skylar began to play. "Jayden...You're why I play the game, why I joined the league...why I wear the number and name I do on my jersey...Jayden...you're my hero..."

"Now...your dreams come true tonight." Super Lupo smiling at Jayden as she stepped to his side, HeroBear passing Jayden an official FBA basketball, revealed to be signed by every player on the Summit.

"...From the top of the key..." the announcer's voice booming. "Number 3...Jayden...LaNocha!" Jayden taking the cue to take his shot. "And..." the shot sinking cleanly, nothing but net. "It's good! The crowd goes wild!" HeroBear rebounded the ball, walking to Jayden handing it back to him. As he was wheeled back into the tunnel, Jayden held that ball high like he'd just won The Healey.

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