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I am a man in his mid-20's who is originally from Wisconsin, but now I live in the Los Angeles / Inland Empire area in California as a software support guy. Basically I'm always on the computer. Probably not too healthy... ANYWAYS I'm a huge football fan (Green Bay Packers for life), and I also do appreciate some basketball and hockey.

My FA name is 'itsamadworld919'. It's named after the Tears for Fears song from the 1980s. Why not.

I've been a floating member of the FurAffinity community since 2010, and have been wanting to dive into the FBA world since 2012. Thanks to wendingo for the opportunity!

I would like to get more involved in providing art to the FBA community. I will draw player icons if you wish me to do so! PM me!

Characters in the FBA


I am also the Commissioner for the United Furry Football League (UFFL). You should check us out!

How? Do this: [1]


Awesome non-Wiki FBA Resources

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Mitchell Redding Livejournal, circa 2009-2011
Karl Batista's Opinions and Ratings (by JWolfman)
FBA Schedules
[2] FBADL Rosters (present - by JWolfman)
[3] EFBL schedules, rosters, and standings (managed by PaulShep & Betsie)
[4] and [5] Various FBA Draft/Transaction docs (by Qovapryi, Stevie)