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The following fictional universities have been designated in the FBA Universe. It is highly recommended that all players who attended universities come from these schools instead of any real-world schools.

If a school has a Primary Student Body listed, that means the school is traditionally geared toward attracting students of a particular species or species group. In no instances does this mean that the school is exclusively of that group, and any species can attend that school, though it is preferred that an explanation is given for why the student chose to attend.

If a school has a Contact listed, please make sure to notify that user about players having attended that school to ensure there are no conflicts with established canon.

University Location Primary Student Body Contact Primary Color Secondary Color Tertiary Color
Alfred-Katzener-Universität Leipzig Germany
Appalachian Mammal College Weston, WV Mammals
Aquatic College of Brisbane Brisbane, Australia Mariners (Aquatic animals) Betsie
ASEAN Joint Venture Sports School Woodlands, Singapore Adabune Red #D40000 White #FFFFFF Yellow #FFEE00
Atlanta Felidae University Atlanta, GA Felines Sam Gwosdz Orange #FF7A00 White #FFFFFF Red #D40000|
Atlanta Technological University Atlanta, GA FadedForest
Australian Institute of Furry Sports Australia Nasuella
Aviaire Universiteit van Amsterdam Amsterdam, The Netherlands Avians Betsie
Avian University of Hamilton Hamilton, ON Avians Ratiphex
Avian University of Hawai'i at M'noa Honolulu, HI Avians Asterion Blazing
Avian University of Oregon Eugene, OR Avians JoshuaPuck
Baltimore Bay Baltimore, MD Gustavo
Bedenroe Aquatic University Galveston, TX Aquatics gideonwebb
Bedrock University Bloomington, MN PaulShep
Biloxi State College Biloxi, MS Mammals, Aquatics GabrielFawkes
Black Tundra University Anchorage, AK Pac Black #000000 Marble Blue #566D7E White #FFFFFF
Blue Gum College Sydney, Australia Nasuella
Boston Interspecies University Boston, MA HerrWozzeck
Braylor Atlanta, GA Domestics Pac
Brown Dog University Providence, RI
Calgary Technical Institute Calgary, AB
California State University, Palmcaster Palmcaster, CA Mammals gideonwebb
Canadian College of Cattle Lethbridge, AB Bovines Betsie
Canis Lupus Community College Kokomo, IN Canines Stevie (just cuz) Med. Violet Red #C71585 Snow #FFFAFA
Cervine University of Michigan Ann Arbor, MI Ungulates Pac
Chicago Bay Chicago, IL
Claiborne University New Orleans, LA Mammals Rourkie and TriangleDelta
Connecticut Canid University Cromwell, CT Canines Jayni Tigerpaw
Cowdoin College Brunswick, ME Ratiphex
Eastern Mustelid University Albany, NY Mustelids Troy_Ryder Teal #008080 White #FFFFFF
Edgerton University Laconia, NH Madworld
Edinburgh University Edinburgh, Scotland
El Alado College Pasadena, California Avians Khed
Elon University London, England Wendingo
Equine Basketball Academy Equines
Equine Heights Academy Louisville, KY Equines Jayni Tigerpaw
Far Eastern Federal University Russia
Felidae Institute of Science and Technology Topeka, KS Felines
Ferrengton University Savannah, GA Mammals Xenos Gold #FFFF33 Cyan #66FFCC Dark Gray #444444
Flock University Austin, TX Avians
Florida Arthropodan & Molluscan Haines City, FL Anthropods & Mollusks
Florida Avian Academy Jacksonville, FL Avians
Florida Everglade Homestead, FL
Florida Midwest University Tampa, FL Jadedfox
Fur Bay State Bodega Bay, CA
FurMass Amherst, MA
Furniversity Southern California Los Angeles, CA JWolfman
Furry State University Tallahassee, FL Ketchthedonkey
Great Lakes Mammalia Toledo, OH Mammals Jayni Tigerpaw
Greatlion University of Scotland Edinburgh, Great Britain
Guelph Herbivore University Guelph, ON Herbivores
Hangtail College
Harvaardwak University Boston, MA Damped Red #DE0000 Shady Black #0A0500
Heritage River Riparian College Prince George, BC Betsie/Paul Shep
Houston Canid Academy Houston, TX Canines Blades Dark Forest Green #254117 Purple Monster #461B7E Night Black #0C090A
Joseph Smith University Salt Lake City, UT Mormons
Keokuk University Keokuk, IA
Lake Erie Anthro Institute Cleveland, OH Jayni Tigerpaw
Lake Wood University
Lagomor University Redding, CA Rabbits & Hares
Lower Cal State Orange County, CA BaddWill
Macquarie Marsupial Unifursity Macquarie Park, New South Wales, Australia Marsupials Stevie Maxwell Sandy Brown #F4A460 Chartreuse #7FFF00
Maine Interspecies College Bangor, ME Ratiphex
Maine Ungulate University Portland, ME Ungulates Ratiphex
Marine University of Halifax Halifax, NS Mariners Betsie/Paul Shep
Maui Technical Academy Maui, HI Jayni Tigerpaw
Mustelid University of Michigan Dearborn, MI Mustelids Qovapryi Saffron #F4C430 Eerie Black #1B1B1B
Capro College Pittsburgh, PA Rodents [[]]
New Mexico Predatorial & Technical Santa Fe, NM Carnivores SlyKnux
New York Carnivore/Predator University New York Carnivores
North Carolina Wolfpack University Raleigh, NC Lupines Sam Gwosdz
Ohio State Mammalian University Columbus, OH Mammals TheBigKaz
Ongulés Université de Paris Paris, France Ungulates
Oregon State Predator University Corvallis, OR Predators and Mammals JoshuaPuck
Oriole Robin University Tulsa, OK Avians Mitchell Redding
Oshawa Interspecies Technical College Oshawa, ON Ratiphex
Pack Territory University Matamoras, NY Carnivores Darren Zeraus
Pajaro Fuego Academy Madrid, Spain Lizzimba
Pensacola Predatorial & Mechanical Pensacola, FL Carnivores
Phoenix University Tucson, AZ Foxx
Prairie Valley University
PredTech of Northern California Santa Cruz, CA Carnivores Pac
Red Deer College Red Deer, AB Mr.InitialMan
Red River Tech
Roache College New Jersey Invertebrates
Roanoke University Roanoke Island, NC N8Otter
Royal Cervine College of Canterbury Canturbury, England Cervines
Saddleback University San Angelo, TX Pac
Saint Leo University Johannesburg, ZAF Puc
Santo Universidad Mamíferos Nocturnos
Saola Memorial University Tacoma, WA Pac
Saskatchewan University of Agriculture Regina, SK Betsie/Paul Shep
Sauropsida University Salt Lake City, UT Betsie
Supreme Institute of Glorious Sporting Vision North Korea Beau Regards
Templeton University New York, NY Hoomiku/KitCoon Carnelian Red #B31B1B Yale Blue #00356B White #FFFFFF
Texas State Herbivoral University Texas Herbivores
Thunder Bay Predator College Thunder Bay, ON Carnivores TriangleDelta Gold #FFFF33 Black #000000 Grey #A0A0A0
Truxel College Bismarck, ND Pac
Two Points University Pennsylvania Kyell Gold
UFLA Los Angeles, CA
Umeålfisk Universitet Umeå, Sweden Nasuella
Université Animalière Laval Québec City, QC, Canada Mammals MartineauQC
Atwood College Dartmouth, MA Christaphorac
Universidad Del Yucatan
Universidad Peludo de Puerto Rico Puerto Rico
Université Canadienne de la Faune de Montréal Montreal, QC Harlow
Université de Chiens Pedigree Canines
Université de Saint-Hubert
Université Polytechnique de Hoenheim
University of Aspen Aspen, CO
University of Eastern Ontario Ottawa, ON
University of South New Mexico
University of Virginia Anthro Charlottesville, VA Madworld Burgundy #780000 Gold #FFCC00 White #EEEEEE
Ursa State University Cody, WY Bears
Vanderbarn University Nashville, TN Ratiphex Metallic Gold #D4AF37 Black #000000 Silver #C0C0C0
Vegas Engineering & Technical Institute Las Vegas, NV Jadedfox
Vulpes Fulva University Foxes
Warrenton University
Western Michigan Michigan
Winchester University New York Wolflis11 Forest Green(Traditional) #014421 Cool Grey #8C92AC
Winnipeg Anthropomorphic Institute Winnipeg, MB Betsie/Paul Shep
Wyoming Herd University Cheyenne, WY Bovines and Cervines
Los Angelos South College Los Angelos, CA Wolfnumber9