Tennessee Moonshiners

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Tennessee Moonshiners
2022-2023 Tennessee Moonshiners season
Tennessee Moonshiners logo
Conference Eastern
Division Southern
Founded 1994
History Tennessee Moonshiners (1994-present)
Arena The Still (aka "The Basket and Ball")
City Nashville, TN
Team colors Green, Orange and Yellow


Owner(s) Verminus Industries
RL Primary Contact Kit
General manager Powell Brajkovic (Male Raccoon)
Head coach Drake Stewart (Male Cooper's hawk)
Assistant coach Hudson Jarvis (male spotted skunk)
Lead trainer Brock Fordham (male badger)
Championships 1 (2014)
Conference titles 1 (2014)
Division titles 3 (2011, 2014, 2017)

The Tennessee Moonshiners are a professional basketball team based in Nashville, Tennessee. They play in the Southern Division of the Eastern Conference in the Furry Basketball Association (FBA).

Current Roster

Tennessee Moonshiners Roster
Point Guard Shooting Guard Small Forward Power Forward Center
PID 1110.jpg
PID 1087.jpg
PID 1218.jpg
PID 1067.jpg
PID 1118.jpg
0 Lady Black (Pembroke Corgi, G) 32 Arther Selby (Rabbit, F/G) 16 Hjelä Weber (Thorold's Deer, F) 84 Michael River (Water Deer, F) 90 Luther Kierkegaard (Jackalope, C)
Guard Swingfur Bigfur Swingfur Bigfur
PID 1006.jpg
PID 978.jpg
PID 718.jpg
36 Jukora Collins (Tanuki, G) 28 Lucas Berger-Kane (Bernese Mountain Dog, G/F) 55 Darion Baptiste (Tayra, F/C) 75 Ptolemy Addams (mulgara, G/F) 29 Cassidy Whitelatch (Border Collie, C/F)
Reserves Deep Reserves
Guard Forward Forward ' '
PID 1168.jpg
PID 1295.jpg
PID 0.jpg
PID 0.jpg
10 Jean-Ferdinand Giroux-Krier (Scottish Fold-Chartreux Mix, G) 31 Roy Bivens (Red Panda, F) 12 Mackenzie Sharp (Australian Shepherd, F)
Head Coach Use Only:

2022-2023 Budget for Total
Buyouts Available
Tennessee Moonshiners 90.0 84 0


Tennessee Moonshiners Team Contracts
Name 23 24 25 26 27
Lady Black 7 8
Arther Selby 16.5 17 17.5 18
Hjelä Weber 3
Michael River 14 15
Luther Kierkegaard 10 11
Jukora Collins 1.5 1.5
Lucas Berger-Kane 5.5
Darion Baptiste 6
Ptolemy Addams 3
Cassidy Whitelatch 4 3
Jean-Ferdinand Giroux-Krier 9.5 10 11 11.5
Roy Bivens 3 3
Mackenzie Sharp 1