Queens Pride

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Queens Pride
2022-2023 Queens Pride season
Queens Pride logo
Conference Eastern
Division Northern
Founded 1979
History Newark Pride
Queens Pride
Arena Rucker Stadium (formerly "The Asphalt Savannah")
City Queens, NY
Team colors Royal Purple, Gold and Black


Owner(s) Nightfire Kitsura (male squnx)
RL Primary Contact Troy_Ryder
General manager Christopher Dunphy
Head coach Mike Testa (male raccoon)
Assistant coach Philip Clay Tacuri (male panther)
Lead trainer Thomas Shea (male tigon)
Championships 2
Conference titles 2+
Division titles 2+
Retired numbers 28 (Valencia Zeraus)
57 (Ferdinand Bengtzing)

The Queens Pride are a professional basketball team based in Queens, New York. They play in the Northern Division of the Eastern Conference in the Furry Basketball Association (FBA) along with the Albany Alphas, Bangor Tides, and the Plymouth Taproots.

Franchise History

History of the Pride (1979-2000)

The Pride was founded in 1979 in Newark, New Jersey by Eatian Kilson. The Pride's goal at the of their join was to have a strong Northeastern team to that will be able to put New Jersey in a good light and build a strong basketball community as they join along with the Hamilton Mariners. During his time the Pride has made a strong presence in the FBA by always appearing in the post season of the league. As the league grew so did his ambitions to gain a championship trophy for the Pride. Unfortunately his ambitions were cut off as his team would never able to reach the conference finals. In 1996 in a bold move to increase their presence by adding a "Savannah" based theme. Working with marketing and public relations "Newark Stadium" was nicknamed "The Asphalt Savannah" praising it bold uniqueness. He also drafted one of the most prominent members to his team Guadalupe Figueroa, a Mexican red fur, with a strong inside game. Along with a lynx named Lynn Pradens who was drafted in 1999, the two became the strength and backbone of the team. In the 2000-2001 season the Pride carved their way into basketball history as with their team who only been only present in the post season before has overcome their shortcoming and not only won the division championship but won the eastern Conference finals and made it to the FBA final against the Montana Howlers. For the first time over their introduction in the FBA in 1979, after 21 years of work, The Pride came home with a trophy. Kilson ambition was met, his goal reached, he didn't want to stop and set to work again to go for a three-peat to secure the Pride place in history.

The Lioness and the Curse (2003-2013)

The two year between The Newark Pride trophy wins wasn't so kind to them. First being at the beginning of the season, Lynn Praden was injured and was bench for half the season. Because of this bad turnabout of event, the Pride ended showing their true colors, with their reliance on Lynn and Figueroa was so prominent that the team fail to make it past the first round of the post season. Kilson though disappointed didn't' give up on his ambition. Sadly the next year, Guadalupe Figueroa didn't sign back up with the Newark Pride despite their best efforts as she found a better offer at Montana. This left a large hole in the team and begin to start rumors that something was wrong with the team. Kilson saw that the team can't be saved by him anymore and with his current empire crumbling before him he did the best thing for himself and announce his retirement from the FBA. When he put up the team for sale a young and aspiring rat came to him willing to try her luck in this new business. Felicia May Denton sign the paper as Kilson handed over the right of the Newark Pride to her. There was a lot of mistrust circling around Denton when she acquired the team, mainly because she was a rat. The people of Newark didn't generally like her, and the players weren't sure that the plan for them or the team since she was young and inexperienced. The first thing to happen was the reorganization of management as she let go the general manager and the trainer and the marketing team. She wanted to started fresh and hire all new staff but kept the coach Raymond Leddy.

The Musician and the Mongoose (2013-present)


Current Roster

Queens Pride Roster
Point Guard Shooting Guard Small Forward Power Forward Center
PID 837.jpg
PID 1013.jpg
PID 961.jpg
PID 1096.jpg
PID 1192.jpg
44 Misha Maxwell (Cheetah, G) 27 Melaine Thompson (Lioness, G) 1 Tasya Fangestu (Sumatran Tiger, G/F) 76 Connor McQuaid (Appaloosa, F) 11 Tucker Iverson (Tapanuli Orangutan, C/F)
Guard Guard Forward Bigfur Swingfur
PID 739.jpg
PID 1231.jpg
PID 1079.jpg
PID 1252.jpg
PID 836.jpg
78 Jerome N. Swimmer (Dusky/Hourglass Dolphin, G) 13 Kyomi Inari (Kitsune, G) 34 Tenma Aozora (Kitsune, F) 30 Alan Clemmons (Cheetah, C/F) 26 Micah Davenport (Border Collie, F/G)
Reserves Deep Reserves
Swingfur Forward Bigfur Forward Guard
PID 919.jpg
28 Freya Perkins (Zorse, F/G) 3 Keisha Zatarra (Macaw, F) 33 Jason Hartford (Elk, C/F) 18 Daisuke Tenno (Grey Squirrel, F) 14 Maggie Locksley (Ladybug, G)
Head Coach Use Only:

2022-2023 Budget for Total
Buyouts Available
Queens Pride 90.0 80 0


Queens Pride Team Contracts
Name 23 24 25 26 27
Misha Maxwell 10 12 14
Melaine Thompson 8 10
Tasya Fangestu 8 10
Connor McQuaid 8 10
Tucker Iverson 11 11.5 12
Jerome N. Swimmer 5 5
Kyomi Inari 4
Tenma Aozora 5 6
Alan Clemmons 4 4
Micah Davenport 8 10
Freya Perkins 1.5
Keisha Zatarra 1.5
Jason Hartford 1.5
Daisuke Tenno 3 3
Maggie Locksley 1.5