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Welcome to the FBA Wiki

Hello there! Welcome to the Furry Basketball Association, a fictional sports league where anthropomorphic animal characters compete in a full season of games to make the playoffs, win the FBA Finals and claim the championship trophy! We're just like the NBA, but with furry characters. There's more to it, but that's up to you to find out! :3

Founded in 2009, the FBA Wiki was created in 2011 to provide everyone with all there is to know about the FBA. We welcome all visitors interested in our league to join us on our official Discord, which is linked below in the last paragraph. We have just completed the 2021-22 season; we are starting the new season in September 2022 with the start of Free Agency and the annual Draft. The first game of the season is usually October 31st, but its actual run date is subject to change.

Headed by two co-commissioners, ~FadedForest & ~Rourkie, and deputy commissioner ~Kingsley_Wolfe, the FBA aims for furthering the progress the Community has made in the FBA's (nearly) 15 years of existence. We invite you to join our flourishing community and create some furry basketball players of your own. You may even decide to manage or coach a team!

The Wiki requires that you have an account in order to edit pages. You are more than welcome to register for an account to create pages or edit existing pages. Please read our FAQ page for more information.

Anyways, DON'T BE AFRAID to join us on our Discord server! We're mostly nerdy sports furries, but we talk about nearly everything; we will welcome you warmly to our community. We hope to see you around ^v^


  • 2021-22 FBA Calendar
    • 2021-22 Regular Season ended April 30, 2022. Check out the final standings for this season at 2022 Season Standings!
    • The playoff chase begins. The first round of the playoffs start IC in May 2022, usually with the Eastern Conference Games. The Western Conference semifinals take place the next day. Games will alternate back and forth until all series are resolved.

Remember: - Game rotations (roster changes) are due at 4:00 PM EST the day of the scheduled game.

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