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Central Hub of all the guides for the FBA.

New Contributor

For new contributors you should check out our New Contributor Guide to understand how to get started!


Information about Draftee rules and helpful information can be found in the Draft Candidate Resource.

Team Staff

Team Staff, and those looking to run a team, can refer to the Team Staff Resource for useful information on how to run a team!

Wiki Guides

General guides regarding the FBA wiki and Mediawiki.

General Wiki Editing Guide

Madworld hosted a Wiki Editing Guide on 8/24/2020 which might be helpful if you are looking for some basic Mediawiki editing tips/guides!

General Wiki Editing

Team Season Pages

Each team has a page created for every season, refer to the resources below for the blank page to be used when creating a new one, and the video guide for how to fill out the information.


Team Season Pages