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FSPN: The Hoop is a league newsletter published approximately every other weekend, and aims to communicate league news to FBA contributors. Similar to a weekly digest, the newsletter's main function is to share the stories, art, and creative projects of the community among its members. In turn, the newsletter can be shared beyond the community as a representative product of the work done by its contributors for the league.

Sections of the newsletter are devoted to mostly in-canon topics (such as interviewing players, coaches, and recapping game results) but also covers out-of-canon events and changes (such as sharing the art and stories written by members of the community).

This wiki page includes all FSPN: The Hoop volumes since its creation in January 2015. The content inside each issue is owned by its creator, and the issues are under the FBA License.

Latest Issue

File:FSPN The Hoop Year 8 Vol. 1.pdf

Archived Issues