Carson Good

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Carson Good
(Dalmatian, G)
ID# 1151
No. 20 – Tallahassee Typhoons
Position Guard
Species Dalmatian ( Canidae )
Gender Male
Personal information
Born (1997-03-28) March 28, 1997 (age 26)
Houston, TX
Listed height 6 ft 8 in (2.03 m)
Listed weight 170 lb (77 kg)
Shoots Right-handed
Career information
School Houston Canid Academy
FBA draft 2020 / Round: 2 / Pick: 36th overall
Selected by the Tallahassee Typhoons
Pro playing career 2020–present
Career history
2020 - present Tallahassee Typhoons
Contract information
Contract year 2022
2023 Salary $4 million
2024 Salary $5 million
2025 Salary $6 million
Player Contacts
(IC) Agent BladesDaRaccoon
(OOC) Creator BladesDaRaccoon
(OOC) Actor Unknown
(OOC) Usage Ask me before any use


Early Life

Carson Good was born a city slicker, younger of he and his brother Mitch to a waitress mother and a drug store manager father. His young life was one of happiness, they never were well off persay but one thing the young dalmatian was always known for was his bright smile. As a child he grew up watching basketball with his big brother. While his family are all die-hard Summit fans he's always been more drawnto the Spectrums, loving Anggun's ability to make fancy passes and intricate plays.

By the age of twelve, Carson showed a strange prowess with the basketball. Some might even say he was something of a prodigy. He found himself able to challenge some of the better street ballers in the area who often had at least five years in age on Carson. It was also about this time Carson had developed a strong friendship with Nolan King. These two were utterly inseperable, from school to the basketball court and even the diner. Foreshadowing of things to come...who knows?

Life with Cancer

At the age of fifteen...Carson would find his athlethic ability compromised due to severe pains in his legs. After several doctor visits and tests...the grim news was broken. Cancer...malignant bone cancer. From there'd begin a painful path of treatment...radiation, chemo...his body and life were ravaged, looking nigh skeletal at times and weak to the point he wouldn't even want to walk.

After a year of standard treatments, things were looking hopeless with many doctors' prognosis stating if they took care of him it'd be a miracle if he lived to see his 20th birthday. As bleak as things seemed and after reaching out, Ms. Good got an offer from a Mr. Ian that might just save her little pup's life. She was offered a spot in TR Prescott Medical center for Carson, granted she were willing to allow experimental treatment.

Off to Houston

At the age of sixteen Carson found himself on the move to Houston along with his family. He was very weak and not sure if he was long for this world. The change in climate was a good thing for him however, the warmth helping with his lack of fur and hair. The medical campus was also a brighter environment, the staff very kind and supportive of him always telling him he can make it through.

In a ray of hope, it seemed the different treatment began to stick. His body was responding well to the radiotherapy, proton treatment and other proceedures. Week by week and month by month, Carson began feeling his strength returning to him. Slowly but steadily, one thing at a time began returning to his body. First his fur began growing back, then he could walk down the hall, then begin lifting little weights, bounce a basketball again...Even his hair grew back in, granted a wispy blonde instead of his old thick, brown but he found himself rocking the new look well enough. Even his body began growing again, reaching a height of 6'8"".

Finally on his eighteenth birthday, Carson was officially told he was in remission. Something he never thought he'd hear yet...the best gift anyone in his situation could ask for. But it was official, it seemed he had his life back. Over the next two years he was still in and out of the center for monitoring and preventative treatment but these visits he found to be...reassuring in a way. Reminders that he was gonna be okay.

Collegiate Life

When it came to college basketball...his cancer made things complicated. The only school that'd give him a shot at playing was a division 3 school, San Lupos College. In which he'd spend the first year under a medical redshirt given he was still receiving some treatment. Once he was cleared for a full roster spot however, he came to life. After his first full year on the bench, he earned his place as the starting point guard, or rather point forward the following year. His body was still weakened by his previous cancer but at the point he was able to avoid most of the physicality and rely more on his playmaking and shooting abilities. By his fourth year he found himself with two Division 3 All American selections and in his final year, Division 3 player of the year with averages of 21 points and 12 assists. With one year of eligibility remaining, Carson's coach Katie Robles recommended he try and get a year of Division 1 play to his name, stating that he needed more of a challenge if he wanted to make his FBA dreams come the end of his final semester at San Lupos, Carson told Coach Robles he had a roster spot at Houston Canid, tears of joy in both their eyes.

At Houston Canid, often billed as the 'School of Second Chances' Carson found himself shuffled between the 1 and 2 guard positions. The increased training and tougher practices were hard on his body but he began muscling through that pain and showing his worth. He was given the nickname 'Frankenstein' from the big scars on his leg from several surgeries. With the heightened competition, Carson did have to fight to keep his numbers up but he was holding himself well with 11 points and 6 assists, on 45% 3 point shooting.

Current Day

Carson is now cancer free. While the scars of his battle are clear both inside and outside he walks about with that same old smile on his face just now on the streets of Houston instead. He's recently reconnected with Nolan King, seeming to be more than mere friendship there now. He often still visits TR Prescott as a volunteer, reading to kids, talking to patients, and sharing about his time in the facility. Outside of that, he's still rebuilding his body, gearing up for the upcoming FBA draft, out to show that even after great suffering and great pain, there is still life...

FBA Career

In spite of all his noted health issues, Carson would find his name being called on draft night and heading off to Tallahasse. It was a far cry from the future lottery pick he could've been had he not dealt with cancer but more than he expected in the end. His playtime would be minimal due in large part to being a project, needing some time to really get himself right physically. It might have been a silent rookie campaign for him but...even he knows he'll need some time.