Aurora Hopkins

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Aurora Hopkins
(Somali Cat (Domestic Cat), G)
ID# 1255
Drawn by stormie#5662
No. 7 – Tallahassee Typhoons
Position Guard
Species Somali Cat ( Felidae )
Gender Female
Queen of Queen City
The Kit
Personal information
Born (2004-09-07) September 7, 2004 (age 18)
Brisbane, QLD, Australia
Nationality Australian
Listed height 5 ft 1 in (1.55 m)
Listed weight 115 lb (52 kg)
Shoots Right-handed
Career information
School EFBL Paris
FBA draft 2022 / Round: 1 / Pick: 6th overall
Selected by the Tallahassee Typhoons
Pro playing career 2022–present
Career history
2022 - present Tallahassee Typhoons
Career highlights and awards
  • FBA Rookie All-Star (2023)
Contract information
Contract year 2022
2023 Salary $4 million
2024 Salary $4 million
Player Contacts
(IC) Agent LunsBalloons
(OOC) Creator LunsBalloons
(OOC) Actor LunsBalloons
(OOC) Usage Ask me before any use


Born on September 7th,2004. Aurora was born to two aging parents and a teenaged older brother (13). Her childhood was normal up into February 21st, 2010, where her Mother was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. From then on she lost her mother figure and turned into one herself up until her mother succumbed to her illness on August 20th, 2012. Her mother's death brought on a large amount of support from the two men in her life. Some would say overbearing, that some being her. When she eventually took up the liking to sports due to being exposed to it 24/7, she would be forbidden from playing most contact sports. From a combination of being the only girl, being the youngest, and being super tiny (which was common in Australia by the way). She was only allowed to play 2 Sports...Soccer and Basketball. Before taking up basketball she'd play a little soccer as a goalkeeper which really helped with her hand eye coordination and focus, unfortunately though her Youth Soccer team was good so she grew bored. So in the Fall of 2016 she picked up basketball for the first time. What she quickly learned is that, while soccer welcomed tiny people, basketball did not. And so she was usually casted aside due to her size at an early age. It frustrated the young girl because she had immense joy while playing the game...It was like she was MEANT to play. Despite how she felt however, the world didn't seem to tryout after tryout she was sent home in tears. Her brother opted for her to try to get back into soccer but her father ragged into her that he didn't raise a "Quittah". And so she gave it another go. And another, each time improving, Trying out for every team in Brisbane and even reaching out to Gold Coast and finally after a year of training and trying out, she got a call back. A small time bottom feeder team in one of the AAU Leagues, called her back hoping for a garbage time Guard. And she was just the gal. After just a day of practice her teammates would swiftly inform her that she didn't belong based on how she got in. For days she didn't know what they meant until she finally brought it up. Apparently the girl who they chose over her, opted out for financial reasons. She'd learn later that the girl's family moved to the Bahamas after winning The Lott. The sheer luck of someone having to win the lottery in order for her to even participate made for a bittersweet moment for the young girl. But it inspired her to take the chance she was given and run with it. And run with it she did. Her team jokingly gave her the Lucky #7 as her number. Despite hating the number at first, she grew to love it because that was the amount of years she saw her mother. She thought it'd be a good way to honor her.


Once the season began Aurora was off to the races. She trained everyday, went on diets, searched up how to grow on YouTube, the whole nine yards! She was getting better at an incredible rate due to her need for correction. She never believed anything she did was perfect. Something was always able to be improved. From years of being forcibly protected by her overbearing family, she felt alive being able to stand for herself. It also brought about a slight inferiority complex that she would struggle with for years to come. By Mid Season her hard work would pay off, she had developed a killer shot, and she went from Garbage Time Guard to Off the Bench Sniper! What made her stand apart from the other's was her ability to use her speed to create space. She'd run along the three point line before suddenly stopping and pulling back making defenders stumble and fall before laying down a dagger. Plus on offense her small frame worked out as long as she was able to gain space. The ball rarely left her possession, and with her incredible ball handling she was able to limit turnovers. The only main issue was... She was a ball hog. In her mind, this was HER chance. Every time she hit the floor was another chance to prove herself. Unfortunately, while her individual skills improved, her Team Skills dwindled. And eventually team chemistry suffered when she was on the floor. She wasn't just a Score First Point Guard, she was a score only point guard. Coach attempted to put her on the 2 Guard so she didn't handle the ball much but it just made her obsessively call for the ball. Eventually the team got knocked out of the playoffs and she would go off to join another team. This time as a starter. Other teams took notice, her shot was spectacular and she had a lot of potential. So this time she received calls instead of making them. And she'd pick the closest team to her to join. The next season started and right off the bat the coach established that he was there to make them better so that her team could live out their dreams...Of winning an AAU title. Yeah maybe it was his, but the team went with it. Aurora worked even harder now as a starter than she did as a bench player, Quickly getting better up to the point where the coach had nothing to say to her. There would be practices where he'd completely go without talking or seeing Aurora. She did her own thing, was at the right place at the right times, and seemingly lived at the gym. Her home life at this point of her life started to shift. Her brother had been playing rugby semi-professionally, nothing major, but it was a part time gig that paid in fulfillment and cash. With him gone all the time it left their father to wander about alone. At this time the old man was retired and had nothing to do but sit at home and drink beer all day. He had no living friends and he wasn't one to go make more. He'd sit and watch TV constantly with some breaks for the bathroom. This made him even more clingy to his daughter and it got to the point where she had to get away. He'd invade her privacy at random times, and was down right overbearing. Aurora would naturally get snippy with the guy but he'd simply make her feel bad by sinking down and sadly walking away. So she dealt with it and took her anger out on the poor teams in her wake. 15...25...30 Point games! She was on fire! And again she felt alive! However her team still wasn't at their full potential. A stat sheet of 20+ point games in the L column became frequent and it caused a rift between her and her team. Soon enough the season ended and she had nothing to show for it. Well…

VBL - 2018

Apparently at her last game there was a scout for the Melbourne Swift, a Division I VBL team. The VBL (Victorian Basketball League) was a semi-professional league with multiple divisions. They took an intrigue in her and during the off-season they invited her to a workout. She attended and it was obvious that she had the highest potential there. So she was invited yet again for a regular practice and a meet-up with the team. First impressions were good. She vibed with her team and meshed very well with them. They were welcoming and a breath of fresh air. In the AAU there was an air of arrogance that radiated off of everyone but here…the team just wanted to win and wanted to win together. There were no ego’s to dodge, everything was fine. She was widely recognized as the best offensive threat on her team and for once she was given a leadership role. She wasn’t there from luck, there were no asterisks to her achievements, she belonged there. Despite her talents however, she struggled immensely. She couldn’t time passes, or click with the team at all. She found herself outcasted by her team and she couldn’t find out why. She once again was in her own world. At home, her life was pretty much the same. The same overbearing father bearing down his love on her. Lashing out from bottled feelings only made him get sad which made her feel worse and any mention about her problem would make the phrase “Lucky” get tossed in her face. It made it hard for her to trust anyone and she’d continue to be secretive. And eventually she was alone. She seemed to only talk when on the court, otherwise she was just stoic. She kept her head down and worked as hard as possible and got lost in the zone more often than not. Midway through the season the team decided to invite her to a team sleepover to hash out any issues they may have. The sleepover didn’t work as intended, as Aurora wasn’t even allowed to go. Her father forbade her from attending since he wanted to spend some “quality” time with her that day. Aurora realized quickly it was a ploy to get her to stop obsessing over the sport. What her father didn’t understand was that it was her escape from him. She loved him, appreciated him, and more. However she wanted space and he refused to give it. He watched every practice, every game. And it only got worse when she entered a league with older people on her team. Despite all of this off the court drama, she was still stellar on the court and fortunately that’s all scouts were able to see. And after another year of subpar team success she was approached with the largest opportunity of her life. A chance to play overseas professionally and turn her hobby into a true profession.

[July 21st,2018 08:15 AM AEST] -Subject wakes up, and goes downstairs for breakfast

[July 21st,2018 08:31 AM AEST] Subject leaves home for Basketball Practice “A friend is driving me today Dad, I’m fine bye!” *Door opens and shuts*

[July 21st,2018 16:15 PM AEST] Practice Ends however Subject is nowhere to be seen. Witnesses say she never made it to practice.

[July 21st,2018 16:58 PM AEST] A Missing Persons Report is filed.

[July 22nd,2018 07:35 AM AEST] Subject is found at the Brisbane International Airport. Subject is returned home

After her attempted escape, her father kept her on lockdown…Obviously. He was mostly confused on why she would want to run away and why leave the country? She said that she had received an offer to play for Paris. Her father was taken aback and gave her a stern talking to about her supposed plan. He informed her that she’d be unable to play without his signature anyways and that she would just be stuck in France. She explained that she felt it was her only way, and he of course questioned this. She opened up to him completely, trying to explain her lack of trust in him. He listened and he questioned if she told him at all. To him, she was just yelling at him to leave her alone. He wasn’t used to seeing her that way and he had no idea of her true feelings. He assumed it was just the normal teen phase everyone went through. The conversation was healthy and something Aurora really needed, and after a month of French studies, the Hopkins uprooted their lives in Brisbane to migrate to France.

Paris Saint-Chien F.B.- 2019-2021

Her brother stayed in Australia leaving Aurora and her Father to fend for themselves in France…Well, they were pretty much treated like Royalty while they were there. Paris supplied them with a place to stay, a meal card, and all of their essentials. Before Aurora was set to work, she was out enjoying the beautiful country of France with her father. Eventually, the grace period ended, and she was set to sign her contract, and become an official EFBL Player…Well a Junior EFBL player. She was signed to the youth squad but upon getting there, it was obvious she didn’t belong. She destroyed the competition. Older, younger, smaller and taller. It didn’t matter, she brought her A- Game and the team realized they needed someone like her in the main roster. So they called her up once the season began and she worked her way up throughout the season to gain minutes. Her Teammates always challenged her to do better and were positive influences on her game. They were true professionals. No petty drama, it was like a normal day in the office. She could work with that. She wasn’t forced to make friends, she just had to give the same respect that they gave to her. As professionals. It was safe to say she loved it. In her first Season, she aided in her team’s 1st Seed finish. They’d sweep through to the Final Four and would decisively win the Title. She never started a single Playoff game, and saw considerably less minutes, but she still contributed. This was her first Championship win in her entire life and the feeling of celebrating with those that worked just as hard as her to get there was euphoric. To top things off she was given the EFBL Rising Star Trophy and was placed on the All EFBL 2nd Team. She’d also snag a 6th Fur of the year nod for her efforts off the bench. In Year Two she was finally named starter due to her growth, and she debuted with a horrible 9 point performance as a true welcome to the EFBL. Despite early season struggles, her team still trusted her and didn’t show the same frustrations SHE would’ve shown to herself in their shoes. She reflected on her AAU days and hated the person she was back then and fully recognized that maybe if she were like her current teammates..An EFBL title would be her 2nd or 3rd championship. She strived to better herself, and she intended on starting now. With her emotional issues being slowly dealt with a new problem arose…Teams schemed against her. This had never happened to her before. Usually a team would just sit in awe as she scored all of her team’s points but for once…Someone paid attention and thought of ways to stop her. They exploited her defensive handicap, and trapped her. It was frustrating. For once she was completely powerless in a game and it hurt her psyche..but her coach was there to give her advice. “If they go after your legs, go after their eyes so they can’t see your legs”. At the time it made no sense. But as she played she realized he wanted her to exploit their exploit by hitting the weaknesses they created by focusing on her. Despite her finally understanding his wisdom, it took until the next season to really have the ability to apply it. Meanwhile, her 2nd Season was promising but swiftly fizzled out. They were the 2nd Seed this time however, unfortunately they lost in the Finals. Aurora finally figured it out too but…her team didn’t. It was a thrashing and the Russians who had beaten them all season at that point…slammed them when all eyes were on them. The 2nd Season was a failure in Aurora’s eyes despite snagging a 1st League nod and an EFBL Finals Top Scorer’s title. It was an adjustment. She had new responsibilities on the team and as the team’s star Point Guard, she had to lead this group and she failed in her first outing. For her 3rd Season, she figured out how to apply her coaches words and finally everything clicked! She was statistically better than her first and 2nd year and the eye test showed a more polished Aurora on the court. She was much more competitive now that she realized championships didn’t come easily, and she refused to fail. They captured the #1 Seed yet again, this time with Aurora as the main contributor.She led the league in scoring, being the youngest to do so. And lo and behold, they were in the Top Four for the 3rd year in a row. Her 48 Point, 9 Three game against late season opponent, London, put her on FSPN’s radar. She just couldn’t miss and from the exposure the world was introduced to the Queen of Queen City. And from that attention, more eyes were on the young lady than ever before. People were watching Paris because of the young phenom on the team…A young phenom that led the team to a title, youngest to do so in EFBL history! This game slapped her with immense pressure.

Paris wins 2nd Title in 3 Years

MAY 21st, 2022 19:00 CEST (Belgrade, Serbia) #1 Paris Saint-Chien F.B. vs #2 Athens 7,323 furs packed into Štark Arena on a chilly Serbian Night. It was 12.8 Celsius out (55 Degrees Fahrenheit)and both teams finished up their warm ups. The analysts were excited for Paris’ star Forward Nikola, however they also wanted to see what the young up and comer Aurora could do on the big stage. The game would finally tip off as hundreds of thousands around the world tuned in to watch the EFBL Finals. Within minutes…it was over. Paris, led by Nikola and Aurora, would destroy Athens in the 1st Quarter. The Greeks could only muster 11 measly points as their star player couldn’t even buy a basket. Aurora wasn’t the main scoring attraction like normal. But it wasn’t from a bad game…it was because she involved her entire team. She passed the ball expertly, from cross court, to behind the back to her target with precision. She looked flawless. Nearly every shot she attempted went in and everyone was loud…Every French at least. She didn’t show the world a scoring clinic..she showed the world flawless basketball. Shot selection was perfect, passes were perfect, mistakes were few and her team walked off the court as EFBL champions. She was Top 3 in MVP Voting…scratch that Top 2!...But the older guy won it (of course.).Her team however, would unanimously agree that she won in their hearts but unfortunately that wasn’t something to add on the ol’ Wiki Page nor on ProBasketball reference. Despite that, she was given another 1st Team all EFBL, Rounding out her count to 2.


At first she never even thought about being drafted to the FBA, but her father brought up the opportunity. She had a large enough resume to get a true shot and her Paris contract had expired, so she ultimately decided to declare for the FBA draft just days after her big performance.