Adam Côté

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Adam Côté
(Amazon Milk Frog, C/F)
ID# 1200
AdamCote pbasic WEB.jpg
No. 13 – San Jose Thrust
Position Bigfur
Species Amazon Milk Frog ( Hylidae )
Gender Male
Personal information
Born (2000-02-01) February 1, 2000 (age 23)
Quebec, Canada
Nationality Canadian
Listed height 6 ft 11 in (2.11 m)
Listed weight 240 lb (109 kg)
Shoots Right-handed
Career information
School Heritage River Riparian College
FBA draft 2021 / Round: 1 / Pick: 5th overall
Selected by the Texas Lone Stars
Pro playing career 2021–present
Career history
2021 - 2021 Texas Lone Stars
2021-present San Jose Thrust
Career highlights and awards
  • FBA Rookie All-Star (2022)
Contract information
Contract year 2021
2023 Salary $4 million
Player Contacts
(IC) Agent Zenbas
(OOC) Creator Zenbas
(OOC) Actor Unknown
(OOC) Usage Ask me before any use


Early years

The young tadpole was adopted at a very young age by the business man, Aaron Cote. Many were surprised with the Owls decision, including his two owl sons. Nevertheless his parents treated Adam as if he was one of their own. But this didnt mean that Adam wasn’t always curious about who his father was whilst growing up also the fact he looked different from his brothers while growing up.

“I asked him about it a few times why he adopted me… the thing he would always say is ‘family helped me, its only right to pass it on‘.”

Academically, Adam was not as strong as his brothers when he was their age. On the other hand, he excelled in physical activities. Basketball was always his preferred choice. Playing against his owl brothers helped train his natural jump ability, giving him the tools he needed. It wasn't long before the school took note of this and made him join the school team. Growing up he often had to balance his school commitments, his basketball commitment and learning his fathers trade. He often got offers to join from his providence team, although he declined at first in order to keep up with his studies. It wasn't until his final few years of high school when they took them up on their offer, once deciding that he wanted to make a career out of basketball. As his graduation approached, his father offered to join the family business like his brothers, but Adam declined the offer, wanting to make his own way in the world.Aaron did not understand Adam's reasoning but respected his sons decision. Before leaving for college, his father had one thing to say “Whatever happens, wherever life leads you, you will always have a home here”

First year of College

His first year in heritage river led to many challenges. First was the competition at the power forward position, his lack of basketball experience at providence level made it even harder for him to stand out. In addition, with his bird mannerism, he felt out of place and chose to keep to himself. This did not help with team chemistry and he was on the verge of leaving the team altogether, believing that that was the best course of action for him. Although a chance encounter with the current team star Rion West-Penrod one night, seemed to struck a chord with the young frog.

“I know this seems odd to some, but I owe my career to him, he was the one to get me out of a funk. He was never ashamed of where he came from, something at the time I was lacking...”

Misfits to champions

With Heritage River getting 3rd in the CFIS in 2019, Rion and the coaches proved that taking an unusual approach was working. Rion was the proof of concept and provided the blueprint. His declaration to the FBA was also the fire up under his backside Adam needed. If he can do it, why can’t he? Approaching the coach, he threw the possibility to shifting to Center. His size was a concern from the start but seeing the fire in Adams' eye, they started to work.

Although Adam was not the only ripple that Rion caused in the status quo of Heritage River. After his declaration, Maggie the Ladybug joined the team. Like Adam, she was seen as undersized for her role but was oddly strong for a ladybug. The two were paired together and just like Rion, were seen by some of the senior player as misfits. Yet the coaches saw what they saw in Rion. Opportunity. It took them a while to bond partially due to the frog-bug dynamic. But her rugged upbringing helped to start Adam to be more open.

With the pair working together, they again took the team to 3rd place in the CFIS 2020. The pair were seen as a formidable force but was missing one final element. An element that foreign exchange student Irin the rabbit, brought to the group. Irin was more of a passer than a scorer, which for the team was ideal. Seeing her struggle initially due to her language barrier, Adam and Maggie gravitated towards her to make her feel welcome as well as help her get her voice. It didn’t take long for the trio to bond and become the swish-ka-teers.

In 2021, the swish-ka-teers gave the push the College needed to win the CFIS, and with that came the additional chances of carving their names as the inaugural College Classic champions. Also the fact that Canada won the olympics earlier on that year also added pressure onto the young team. Throughout the college classic game, the commentators were surprised that the team was holding their own against Cape Cod. In the end the team pulled through winning 73-68. Carving their names into the history books.

With his time at heritage river coming to an end, he looked towards the draft with his teammates in tow. As Adam prepared for the the draft his foster father handed him a letter “the league is known to bring up any and all about someones life, if you want to start looking before anyone else, this should help”. Many question about wether the FBA was the right path, his actual father, can he give back as his foster father did for him...well he wasn't going to find out by doing nothing.

“rumors say that this year's combine is full of centers…what's your response to that adam?” “....well….if there is a place to stand out, the combine is the best place to do it, i'm not going to shy away at this opportunity and neither the swish-ka-teers”. College Classic post-match Interview - 2021